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Very nice arrangement of this work
REED 5: Serenade for Winds, Op. 44 – I, by Antonín Dvořák /
     Arr. Doug O’Connor, would have way to buy-buy this arrangement and others ,,, already many thanks
Luis ,

Comment on Efficiency and relaxation in saxophone technique by Le Gatewood MU Ret Wed, 13 Jan 2016 00:57:58 +0000 Dr. O’Connor,
Glad I found you on the web. It is pleasure to hear you and read your words of wisdom drawn from exposure during your marching through the halls of academia, but the life of Navy Band Annapolis helped bring it home. The diversity of music genre played by Navy bands personnel will far exceed that of any school.
On your treatise on technique you’re absolute correct in your statement of alignment, relaxation, kinetic association in movement pre and post playing of the note. As Master Chief Dale Underwood would say, “it’s all about the air you put behind it,” but you added the ability to position one’s self as “balanced” avails opportunity for swift intervalistic transition, ridding tension. and receiving a positive response in the altissimo range with a resounding clean and clear tone.
A couple of things I wished you would have touched though. One is the subject of opening the throat, the condition of the instrument (making sure there aren’t any air leaks) and mouthpiece set up (one that works due to physical and oral make up of the person along with mouthpiece, ligature and reed nomenclature facilitating the instrumentalist with great response and not because of popularity). In conjunction to what you have said, a saxophonist without a good mouth piece set up and properly working instrument will always be out of balance. They will compensate balance with undue pressure, tenseness, and lack of focus. The overcompensation, if they don’t have the other two working entities, results in lack of confidence, frustration, and demotion in their drive to become better.
Le (3801,03,05)